Facts About R-Control SIPs

A Whole Wall in One Component

A SIP is constructed of OSB laminated to an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core, which comes in various thicknesses to provide the desired R-value.  It's cut and shaped to fit the exact application.

SIPs contain all of the elements of a complete wall -- framing, sheathing, insulation and air barrier -- in a single component. They eliminate the need for wood framing in walls, and in most roof applications there's no requirement for trusses.

Dimensional lumber may be used for additional support at some point loads, but in many cases SIPs are all the structure needed for a high-performance wall or roof.

Simple, No-Hassle Assembly

Installing R-Control SIPs is a matter of putting the pieces together, following a detailed plan that Big Sky provides upon delivery.

Walls are pre-fabricated with pockets for easy installation on the base plate. Panels are joined using dimensional lumber or pre-fabricated splines. All connections are secured using R-Control's Do-All-Ply sealant for a tight connection, then nailed or screwed in place.

All the components necessary for assembly, including sealant, splines, fasteners, tape, lumber kits and house wrap can be purchased and delivered as a single package for the job.

Big Sky also offers factory lumber installation, to shorten assembly time and reduce job site waste.

Precision-Cut to Fit

We design every panel to fit your customer's application, in collaboration with an architect or your in-house designer.

Windows, doors and bevels are cut using numerically controlled equipment in a factory environment.

Pre-fabrication ensures an exact fit, speeding assembly and substantially reducing the likelihood of mistakes and rework.

Field cuts can be made if necessary, and we provide on-the-job training in the best techniques.

Foam-cutting equipment is available to fabricate plate and spline pockets as needed after making a cut.

Complete Set of Plans

Every Big Sky R-Control SIP project is delivered with a complete set of shop drawings, both printed and electronic PDF.

Panels are indexed for reference to the drawing, making it easy to stage materials, assemble the job, and plan for lumber. 

The drawings are stamped to indicate third-party engineer review, and include careful annotations to ensure each drawing supports the evidence of structural integrity needed for code officials.

Every job is a little different, so we may include key documents from our construction manual, job-specific assembly instructions, warranties, and documents the customer required for the submittal.