Mariposa Meadows

Green Builder Media's First Off-Grid Demonstration Home

The VISION House at Mariposa Meadows is a Green Builder Media living laboratory project with actual built homes. The three homes that make up the Mariposa Meadows project are designed to be part research center and part corporate get-away. 

Built to be interactive exhibits they feature a wide spectrum of sustainable solutions, from high-performance building envelope systems using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to renewables and enabling technologies including: Super Insulated and air tight envelopes,  stand-alone solar power, fresh well water, waste reductio, onsite food sources and sustainable living solutions

The three projects are three separate homes: the Atrium Duet, two living units connected by a central enclosed atrium/living space, the Aspen Cabin - two-story structure with an open loft, and the Studio, a two-story structure with a garage on the first floor with a studio on the second floor.

Thermal Specifications

The IECC (Section C402. requires materials acting as air barriers to have an air permeability no greater than 0.004 cfm/ft2.

A test assembly consisting of two R-Control SIPs, LOW VOC Do-All-Ply, and R-Control SIP Tape was tested by a third party accredited laboratory for the Mariposa Meadows houses.

Two R-Control SIPs were joined in accordance with R-Control SIP detail SIP-102g.The air leakage of the R-Control SIP assembly was less than 0.001 cfm/ft2




Onsite Testing, Research and Performance Continue

Mariposa Meadow is located in the San Juan mountains of Colorado near Telluride. The vision is big but the footprint is small. There are no oversized structures, no mansions, with net zero-waste, no job site dumpsters were used when building these homes. These structures are built to withstand extreme heat and loads of snow. The houses are finished and debuted in July of 2020. This experiment in resilience, energy efficiency and beauty is a success so far. 

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